About Us

HEAT Fitness stands for High Energy Athletic Training.  With the use of functional exercises I will get you out of the boring routines that you see everyone doing and into a creative, fun, and exciting fitness routine. Your results are my number one importance. I will do all I can to help the transition into a healthier lifestyle as fun and easy as possible. Stop wasting your time at the big gyms, waiting on machines that you don't even need to be on!  Come and experience a fresh, modern workout.

Benefits of Working with a Trainer

There are many benefits to working with a trainer, probable the most important is the safety. A trainer will make sure your form is right and modify exercises to better suit your needs and experience. Motivation is another benefit associated with a trainer, we are here to keep you going when you want to quit and to give you that little push that everyone needs. As a fitness professional our job is to keep up with the new techniques and exercises necessary to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Therefore, we are always furthering our education with continuing education courses and health and fitness seminars.


  Benefits of Fitness

 There are many benefits to beginning an exercise routine.  Many people are sluggish during the day due to inadequate sleep at night and poor posture.  Exercising with a personal trainer can almost ensure that you not only fix these problems, but you also look better and increase your self-image.  An increase in your self-image has the power to propel you towards success in your life.  Other added benefits to exercise are increased overall daily health and the decreased chance of chronic disease.  Contact HEAT Fitness to begin your new life today.